Extreme Meat

Feedlot Cruelty Exposed

Demand JBS Prevent This Extreme Suffering

A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals extreme suffering of cattle, in part due to triple-digit heat.

A Mercy For Animals investigator documented unimaginable cruelty in the final days of a cattle herd. As temperatures hit triple digits, cattle were denied shelter, shade, or a cooling system.

Raising animals for food causes nearly 15 percent of global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions—with cattle contributing the majority. Join us in protecting animals and our planet by holding JBS accountable for this suffering and eating more plant-based meals.


“I felt helpless as I watched a mother cow suffer from not only the high temperatures but the loss of her child. I tried to comfort her, but all she wanted was her baby back.”

Undercover Investigator


As the world’s largest meat company, JBS has the power to prevent the suffering of animals in their supply chain.

Mercy For Animals is calling on JBS to prevent this extreme suffering by implementing meaningful welfare standards throughout their cattle supply chain. Cattle should be protected from extreme weather and provided adequate group management, shelter, shade, and pasture. They should also receive proper veterinary care and balanced diets.


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We can end this cruel, unsustainable system. By choosing plant-based foods, we can build a food system that is good for animals, people, and our planet.

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